Block Beuys - Raum 4 bis 7
24 vitrines for 21 instrumentalists (1998-2000)
20 minutes – no.19

Block Beuys - Raum 4 bis 7 is the final part of the eighty minute cycle Block Beuys. Rooms 4 to 7 (together 101 m2) are set in one musical composition, as they consist of a uninterrupted succession of glass cases (vitrines) displaying objects.

The continuum is represented by the two percussionists.

Then there is music representing the vitrines: a 'neutral' music which begins monophonic, quiet and slow and gets more polyphonic, softer and faster with each vitrine.

Finally there is music portraying the  objects. In this music the instrumentalists perform as soloists, independently from the conductor. They dispose of freedom as to when and how to play their musical material.

The overwhelming, claustrophobic complexity emanating from these rooms, eventually ends in a stationary, saturated tremor.