is that Fra Mauro accomplished his magnum opus without ever leaving the monastery. His map is based on stories and testimonies of seamen, explorers and merchants who all visited him in his cell.The work consists of four movements ('tableaux vivants'), performed without a break.

1. San Michele nella nebbia

The island of San Michele is covered in mist. Tinkling bell buoys sound across the laguna. The music cautiously builds a setting. The year is 1450.

2. Le meditazioni di Fra Mauro

Fra Mauro appears and sits behind his desk. During his meticulous work he shares his reflections with us. The map he is drawing forms an endless quest for the truth hidden behind matter. Beyond the physical world he also maps his own mind and thoughts:

“I know in my heart, in the deepest recesses of my person, the map that is about to unfold before me will lay out once and for all the extent of my world. Nor can this be torn from me save the point of death, which stalks me even as I attempt to take possession of the world in all its timelessness."

A boat approaches from afar. An unknown visitor is heading for San Michele, carrying reports of his wanderings. >>>