Riflesso sullo spazio
variazioni sul nome di Arnold Schönberg
for seven players (2018)
40 minutes – no.43

Riflesso sullo spazio (‘reflection on space/time’) is part of the Riflessi series, which consists exclusively of companion pieces: each Riflesso explores the same exceptional scoring of a classic from the last century. Riflesso sullo spazio is a companion piece for Arnold Schönberg’s Suite, his opus 29. It is scored for clarinet in E-flat, clarinet in A, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano.

The work is a series of variations on the name of Arnold Schönberg. As a matter of fact the composer’s name contains a total of eight letters that can be interpreted as pitches (A-D-S-C-H-B-E-G), bearing in mind that in German musical nomenclature the letter B stands for a B-flat, the letter H is read as a B-natural, and the S is an E-flat. The first bar of every variation – there are thirty-five in total – is composed solely using these eight pitches, each exploring a different intervallic characteristic. From this method melodic fragments may sprout, though melody is rarely the most important feature, nor do the rhythms and dynamics vary significantly.

More than anything the piece focuses on harmony, patterns and repetitions, and in doing so you might say it is a personal response to... >>>

photo: Blick (±1910) by Arnold Schönberg