Die Kammersängerin

Kammersängerin is a bull's-eye score. [...] The soprano Marijje van Stralen is the 'Kammersängerin'. In German speaking countries this is an honorary title for a league of singers of great merit (to which Van Stralen certainly belongs), but here the title refers rather to the very scene of the act. Reason: the cycle is staged. Director Jos van Kan lets the singer get out of bed, get dressed, wander about in front of a huge screen and go to bed again. In the meanwhile she sings mainly about her own body: her eyes, nose, fingers, hair, and so on. The point of the piece lies in the [animated] text projections onto the screen. [...] Words come to life, blow out of the soprano's mouth, swell, shrink, tumble when suitable, fall down, or create a sea in which the singer almost drowns. [...] Already, Rijnvos's work can be considered the musical highlight of the year 2010.
Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant, 11 May 2010