Scene two follows after a long pause. He places an urgent phone call to his doctor concerning the state of music and voice. He has to content himself with a promise by the nurse that the doctor will call him when he comes in. A renewed attempt to get the doctor on the phone founders. He reverts to his sounds. The phone rings and this time it is the doctor speaking. As was to be expected, the worries he wishes to communicate deal with his sounds. Firstly he says of them that "theyre ending". The doctor, we may infer, promises to come and see him in an hour. Secondly, he says of his sounds that they are" together", "like one". The doctor does not sound particularly intrigued by these tidings and hangs up on him. He once more reverts to his sounds which are now 'failing'. The phone rings again. It is the nurse who notifies him that the doctor will not be able to see him until the next day at noon. Music and Voice continue; 'resuming together more and more feeble'.

Radio I

audio recording (for radio broadcast)

commissioned by
N.O.S. Radio (Netherlands)

30 August 1991, Supplement, N.O.S. Radio 4, Hilversum (Netherlands)

honourable mention Prix Italia 1991