Times Square Dance

[...] Quite frequently Rijnvos's chords - sometimes just two notes and soft, sometimes enormous pillars of sound - are of a staggering beauty, demonstrating he knows how to write for orchestra. [...]
Erik Voermans, Het Parool, 7 June 1999

[...] His latest composition growls and sparkles in extremes, has an indestructible solidity, in which time is being compressed and expanded like an accordeon. [...] What Rijnvos in the end manages to accomplish is an iron tension. [...]
Ernst Vermeulen, NRC Handelsblad, 8 June 1999

[...] Times Square Dance is an strange, yet fascinating piece, with its intangible locomotion, and its constant alternation of miraculous sonic mixtures, that reach from very loud, massive blocks of chords to tenuous, stammering combinations of flutes and harmonics. [...]
Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant, 7 June 1999