Union Square Dance
for 2 identical orchestras (2008)
11 minutes – no.25

Union Square Dance is the final part of Uptown|Downtown, an urban panorama in six movements, which is thought of as an evening-long dance production about city life in Manhattan.

Union Square Dance is a euphoric dance, incessant and unceasing, as is to be expected from a finale. The form is a sequence of nine segments of equal length. Using letters, the structure can be described as follows: D-a-b-c-d-A-B-C-D. The beginning and end being identical, the work bites its own tail. The parts in between rush by in two complementary appearances (yin-yang): each of the segments indicated with lower case letters has a ‘leggiero’ character (yin), whereas those with capitals are their ‘feroce’ counterparts (yang).

Union Square has historically been the place where many political demonstrations started or ended. It is a frequent gathering point for radicals of various political convictions. The credo that traditionally calls for solidarity reads: “united we stand, divided we fall”. However, its underlying thought is devaluating rapidly nowadays, not in the least by inappropriate patriotic sentiment. Union Square Dance proposes an alternative motto: “divided we fall, united we dance”.