barbara baccante
ritratto di una cantatrice barocca
per voce, violoncello e orchestra (2014)

22 minutes – no.31

The semi-theatrical melodrama barbara baccante portrays a key moment in the life of the 17th century Venetian singer/composer Barbara Strozzi. It consists of six scenes:

1. Prologo del melodramma
Barbara adorns her hair with a flower and desperately tries to calm her nerves.
2. Aspettando il dolce amato
Barbara eagerly awaits the arrival of the one she secretly admires and adores.
3. Evocando un duetto d'amore
Barbara worships her idol's beauty in song and seeks to steal a kiss.
4. Aspettando di una riposta
Barbara, waiting in vain for a response, denounces the inept archery of Amor.
5. Evocando un momento di silenzio
Barbara resorts to silence, offering her body as the instrument of love.
6. Epilogo del melodramma
Barbara is left alone, lamenting her sorrow and barbarous misfortune.

photo: The Viola da Gamba Player (±1630-1640) by Bernardo Strozzi
Gemäldegalerie, Dresden, Germany (photographer: unknown)