fuoco e fumo

For a work that was inspired by a blaze, the new orchestral work by Richard Rijnvos, fuoco e fumo, is remarkably subdued. In fifteen minutes a refined game unfolds of swelling and fading sounds full of overtone explorations and dashing colours. A fundamental chord serves as glue, shining constantly through the fabric, though eventually being snowed under by a mixture of pulsating bass notes. [...] The fact that Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra has commissioned this work by Rijnvos says a lot about the stature of the composer. [...]
Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant, 15 June 2015

If someone asks me to choose the best piece in this ISCM [World Music Days 2016] festival, I will say Richard Rijnvos's fuoco e fumo. He composed a piece based on the disastrous fire of the Venetian opera house La Fenice, though he treated the subject as abstract material, rather than telling the story of the tragedy in a literal way. Every single instrument plays like percussion, i.e. broken notes, after which those notes culminate in clusters, suggesting the motion of fire and smoke. [...] This work by Rijnvos says a lot about the stature of the composer.
WonCheol Kim, wagnerianwk.blogspot.com, 6 April 2016

Richard Rijnvos's fuoco e fumo imagines the fire at Venice's La Fenice as a musical vortex. The live performance and [CD] recording are top of the class.
Richard Fairman, Financial Times, 6 May 2016