Amérique du Nord
for symphony orchestra (2016)
15 minutes – no.61

Amérique du Nord is the second part of Grand Atlas, a cycle in which each of the seven world continents is depicted in an orchestral composition.

The work is an imaginary road movie, crisscrossing the United States of America, including a brief detour through Mexico midway. The numerous adventures along the way leave a motley collection of impressions: the base for a sound collage, the form of which seems to suggest the patchwork of the US states.

After the starting shot in Alabama, the initially sunny journey leads us from Oklahoma to Washington State, where we get stuck in a noisy traffic jam and illegally hitchhike further on the back of a removal pickup truck. A taxi driver drops us off in lightheaded California, after which our wanderings continue eastwards for the time being. Many a hardship crosses our path: in Utah our car narrowly avoids plunging into a river, in Colorado we face a snowstorm, and in Arizona we lodge in a ghostly hotel. Despite all that, we manage to reach the East Coast without a scratch and race through the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York. On the way we see... >>>