Sarabande et Double


for twenty-three musicians (1991)
20 minutes | no.7

Sarabande et Double is a sequel to Radio I (my radiophonic composition on a text by Samuel Beckett), in which a handful of notes (borrowed from my dear friend and fellow composer Micha Hamel) stood for the production of the entire musical part within the radio play. The composition is an answer to the question whether it would be possible to generate a second composition out of the very same material; hence the designation 'Double'.

The score is proceeded by a quotation from the novel “If on a winter's night a traveller' by Italo Calvino, which illustrates as no other the motto of Sarabande et Double:

“L'ordine che tu cerchi d'ottenere (lo spazio di cui disponi è ristretto, ma si nota un certo studio nello sfruttarlo in modo da farlo sembrare più esteso) non è la sovrapposizione d'uno schema ma un accordo tra le cose che ci sono."

“The order you seek to attain (the space at your disposal is limited, but you show a certain care in exploiting it, make it seem more extensive) is not the superimposition of a scheme, but the achievement of a harmony among the things that are there".



Commissioned by & Written for

Netherlands Wind Ensemble (Netherlands)

Dedicated to

Micha Hamel


27 January 1992
Casino, 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
Netherlands Wind Ensemble
Frans Brüggen (conductor)

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